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Joseph Beilouny

The Assistant Deputy Wardens/Deputy Wardens Association is committed to its fine tradition of exemplary representation and personal service to its members. The new Executive Board’s pledge to excellence is documented by its determination to carry on the work of its predecessor while expanding its realm via technology, making access to your Union easier than ever.

The members of this Association are privileged to have an Executive Board that is not only dedicated to serve its active members but its retirees, as well.

Twenty years goes by pretty fast. It seems like only yesterday that I walked into the cell blocks of the old H.D.M. as a fresh raw rookie. It wasn’t long before I became a tested veteran, got promoted to Captain and then to ADW. Thirteen years as a Tour Commander went by like a flash. Before I knew it, I was one of the “old timers”, well beyond retirement eligibility.

You all face the same destiny. Before you know it, you’ll be eligible to retire. Unfortunately, most wait until the last minute to make retirement preparations.

I have been doing retirement consultations for the Association, first as a Delegate when I was an active member and as a special consultant to the Union since my retirement, more than fifteen years ago. While the names and faces have changed over the years, one thing remains constant. Just about every person tells me that they wished they had been better prepared for retirement.

Your Union has given you the opportunity to make the best of your retirement years by affording my services to you, free of charge. The more prepared you are for retirement, the greater benefit you will realize. When you think about it, being able to retire, in some cases, decades before the masses, makes us all pretty special and very lucky. The best advice I can give to you is to plan early. But don’t let that preparation be based on “Locker Room Rhetoric”. It’s in every member’s best interests to avail yourself of every opportunity at your disposal. Contact your Executive Board for approval and then make your appointment with me to plan for your future.

Of course, the retirees know to seek my counsel for their needs but active members shouldn’t hesitate to contact me with concerns about their future; not only as far as pensions are concerned but the entire realm of the wonderful world of retirement.

Consultant Contact Info

Telephone: (631) 758-1693