Message from the President

Joseph Russo

Joseph Russo

Fellow Members

There has been a large increase in the type and number of EEO complaints lodged against our Membership, while in the lawful performance of our duties.

Many of these complaints have been filed as a result of initiating disciplinary charges against subordinates.

You should be cognizant of the absolute right to review the EEO complaint prior to questioning by an investigator.  As soon as you are notified regarding an EEO complaint, whether you are deemed a witness or a target please notify me on my cell at (718) 614- 7440, to determine if you need an Executive Board Member or Association Attorney or both to represent you at EEO.

In addition any Member summoned for questioning at the Investigation Division, the Inspector General, District Attorney, and/or the US Attorney should immediately notify me regarding the subject of the investigation.  Members who forgo Legal Representation are not proceeding in their best interest; an attorney is there to ensure “USE IMMUNITY” and other rights you are entitled to.  No one can deny you those rights, so notify me ASAP.

Joseph Russo.