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NYC Health Benefits

Through collective bargaining agreements, the City of New York and the Municipal Unions have cooperated in choosing health plans and designing the benefits for the City’s Health Benefits Program. These benefits are intended to provide you and your eligible dependents with the fullest possible protection that can be purchased with the available funding.

Health Benefits Program


The OLR website and the NYC Health Benefits Program Summary Program Description (SPD) provide you with information about your benefits under the New York City Health Benefits Program.


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Deferred Comp

The New York City Deferred Compensation Plan (DCP) allows eligible New York City employees a way to save for retirement through convenient payroll deductions. DCP is comprised of two programs: a 457 Plan and a 401(k) Plan, both of which offer pre-tax and Roth (after-tax) options.

The Deferred Compensation Plan

For employees enrolled in a City pension plan, and for non-pension member employees who are contributing less than 7.5% to either the 457 Plan or the 401(k), DCP is a supplemental savings plan to their pension and Social Security.

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NYCERS has grown into the largest municipal public employee retirement system in the United States with over 300,000 active members and retirees including civilian employees such as clerical workers, accountants and social workers, and uniformed employees such as New York City Correction Officers and Sanitation Workers.

New York City Employees' Retirement System

NYCERS has grown into the largest municipal public employee retirement system in the United States with over 300,000 active members and retirees, such as clerical workers, accountants, social workers, and uniformed employees – NYC Correction Officers and Sanitation Workers.

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